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Fixed floor


Floor can be fix either by secret nailing, if the subfloor is suitable or by gluing boards using adhesive glue directly onto the subfloor.



Floating floors


Not all floors have to be fixed to the subfloor. By floating floor, boards are glued together, one to an other at tongue and groove using PVA glue. Often used over underfloor heating or acoustic underlay.



Two types of hardwood are being used in general:     


solid hardwood boards and engineered boards which consists of a layer of plywood with a layer of solid wood on the surface. The latter is much more expansion and contraction resistant and much more compatible with underfloor heating and designed to be used in rooms where the temperature often fluctuate e.g. conservatories or where humidity is susceptible to changes like in kitchens or bathrooms.


Both solid wood floors and engineered boards may come as pre-finished or unfinished.   


Pre-finished means that they are manufactured already coated with several coats of UV polyurethane  providing a tough and durable finish. Pre-finished floors are easy to install and very durable and don’t produce dust during sanding.


Unfinished wood floors require sanding, sealing and finishing with either an oil finish, wax, lacquer or varnish once the floor is installed on site but it comes in such a variety of colours and styles that  we are able to achieve anything that is aesthetically pleasing  (gratifying?) individual desires of our customers.

The installation methods depend on subfloor condition and the type of wood chosen. We offer a variety of installation methods of parquet blocks and solid wooden floors to suit the type and condition of your subfloor including nailing onto battens or existing floorboards, gluing down onto concrete and floating if necessary and have an extensive experience of laying floors over underfloor heating systems as well as installing acoustic  insulation.