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Wooden floor sanding – how is it done? Using the latest techniques, its is possible to easily and efficiently clean and restore wooden floors in a great cost-efficient way. Now it is possible to turn old, worn and abrasive wooden floor surfaces into stylishly and cleanly polished wooden floors that look like they’re right out of the shop. We will look into how wooden floor sanding can be done best.
The most practical method to conduct a wooden floor sanding is by using state-of-the art sanding machines. The wooden floor sanding machines used to carry out wooden floor sanding i have seen many advances over the years, and the newest technologies allow for a virtually dust free floor sanding service to the customer. Also it's by far the most cost-effective solution to conduct such a modern and highly-polished wooden floor sanding restoration.

The finishing work is done by using the absolute best quality wood sealers and a wide variety of colours mean that all customers can have exactly what they desire. Anyone interested in hiring a company to restore and sand their wooden floors are advised to take a look around town and on the internet for the best possible solution. People in need of a wooden floor sanding operation have to be patient and pare both prices and services to make a decision.

It is very important to make sure all the technicians are highly skilled craftsmen who have been working with wooden floors for a very long time. Only by selecting the best team and company for the job, customers can have confidence in both the workmanship and punctuality. A good company can't allow any bad recognition or any dents in their reputation, so keep that in mind. When you are unsure of the total costs of the operation, it is interesting to note that many companies offer a free quotation beforehand to evaluate the work needed.

It is also extremely important that floor sanding companies use the very best equipment and the latest technology to perform a wooden floor sanding. The expert of choice in this case a floor sander, who will always look for the best solution in every situation. Floor sanders use very heavy floor machines since these machines give the best possible finish.

Floor sanders first have to evaluate the lipping in the wood floors. If there is much lipping then the wooden floor must first be sanded at 45 degrees to remove any unwanted lippage in the floor. When this has been done,floor sanders try to smooth out every bump they encounter and dispose of any scratches or dents in the floor. A sanding machine uses various sanding belts to get the smoothest end result.Then, a rooler or applicator is used to seal the wood and complete the process. In the end – when done well – professional wooden floor sanding will give a fantastic end result and give your wooden floors a second life.

Floor sanding is one of the most arduous and backbreaking home improvement chores. It includes long hours grinding away the floor which binds many people to preferring carpets for their place. However, people who look for an authentic flooring, are able to spend less time and effort along with some useful tips to their best appealing floor for their home.

Generally floor sanding can be done with hands, but as of now electric devices are also utilized and they make use of the sandpaper as a mon element. Floor sanding includes a versatile range of advantages; it does not only give your house an enchanting look but keeps it warm and forting. Some of its major benefits are listed below-

* Prime is reason for considering wood floor sanding. It is to repair your existing floorline. Generally wooden floors are getting worn out over a period of time. Flat timber floor can break or bee loose and at times nails e out. All these can be changed in matter of time. Floor sanding takes care of all these things.
* Staining is also one of the major reasons for which floor sanding can be beneficial. Wooden floors are likely to lose their original stain with furniture movements and floor cleaning. Once you sand your wooden floor, you can also re-stain it as well. It implies that wooden flooring can be given a plete new look.
* One of the most important reasons for floor sanding is that it helps in preserving your flooring. Final step of the sanding process involves oil coating on the wood. This seal is able to prevent wood from getting wet and dust and other harmful element to enter. If you need not require stain in your flooring, varnishing is required. This method will make your floor look good and it will last really long. Moreover, the sanding work should be done with the assistant of a professional; a bad wood sanding job can ruin your wooden flooring.


Any wood floor sanding and refinishing should be done by a qualified wood floor professional.

Hardwood Floor is perhaps the most practical of all flooring materials. But over time, the protective finish may wear off, most noticeably in heavy traffic areas. Applying a modern new finish can even make hardwood floors much easier to maintain than when they were originally installed.Another good reason to refinish your wooden floor is to freshen up the finish of a wood floor that's dulled from being hidden under carpet for years.Anyone who's tackled a floor sanding job can tell you it's a mess, starting with the removal of the previous finish.Wooden floor professionals have the knowledge and experience to give your wood floors a quality new finish.They also have the proper equipment to handle the job efficiently, including power sanders to remove the existing finish and to prepare the wood to accept new stain.

Unless you have experience in this area, it is not advisable to take on a project of this magnitude by yourself.Continental Flooring undertakes any refinishing and restoration projects of all types of hardwood floors and provides Floor sanding services to Greater London and surrounding areas.Whether your project is a family residence or a commercial space ,Continental Flooring will not only do the job right,and create the ideal floor for your needs,we also provide exceptional service from start to finish.We provide our services to all greater London,including Chelsea,Fulham,Clapham,Richmon d,Chiswick,Notting Hill,Finchley,Acton,Wimbledon,Ealin g,Humpstead

Benefits of wood Character and value

-Wood flooring gives warmth, beauty, and value to your home

-Wood enhance the decor of any room

-Homes with wood flooring sell faster and for higher prices .         


-Wood keeps its value and will look beautiful for many years

-It lasts much longer than carpet and lino that will cost to be replaced

-It's not expensive; Get a quote now and find out.

Easy to clean and maintain

-New technology in wood stains and finishes means just minimal sweeping or vacuuming to take care of your wood floor

-We provide professional cleaning products with all our floors that will benefit both your floor and your cleaning routine!


Ecological and green

-Wood is a renewable and recyclable natural resource

-Much of the wood used for floors is recycled from old ships, warehouses and barns

Healthy and hygienic

-Hardwood do not collect as much dust as carpets and other types of flooring, nor harmful allergens

-Leading health associations agree that wood floors are the perfect choice for a healthier home

Variety and choice

-Different styles and fashions (traditional oak, trendy wenge, rustic pine, exotic bamboo)

-Lots of choice when it comes to colours