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Floor Sanding Company

-Sanding only from £15.00 per m2


-Sanding and 3 coats of Top Quality Varnish (BONA) from £18.00 per m2


-Extra coat of Varnish from £4 per m2


-Sanding and 2 coats of Hardwax Oil (Osmo) from £20.00 per m2


-Staining from £4.00 per m2


-Gap Filling 1 = Sawdust+Resin from £4.00 per m2 (for gaps up to 5mm)


-Gap Filling 2 = Reclaimed Wooden Slivers rom £10.00 per m2 (for gaps 5mm +)


-Mixed Gap Filling from £7.00 per m2


-Reclaimed Pine Floor Boards changed from £15.00 per linear metre


-Stairs: Sand and Seal: from £39 to £65 per step (depending on condition and layers       


-Carpet Removal from £35 per room


-Carpet Removal and Disposal from £40 per room


-Additional Labour from £25 per hour ( restoration, repairs and furniture removal


Floor Restoration

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